What is Paleolithic Diet

Also known as caveman diet, hunter-gatherer diet and Stone Age diet, Paleolithic diet is a kind of that that our ancestors consumed during the Paleolithic age, an age that ended about 10,000 years ago and lasted for over 2.5 million years. But what is Paleolithic diet? The consumers of this diet give up eating any kind of processed food, and survive by eating what is provided by nature, that is, vegetables, meat, berries, nuts, fruits, and water.

The people who have a Paleolithic diet do not eat refined sugar, iodized salt, dairy products, grains, and so on. Many experts believe that this kind of diet keeps an individual healthy and free of diseases. However, this topic has been a subject of constant debate and it is yet to decide whether or not such diet is suitable for individuals living in today’s fast paced lifestyle.

The diet may or may not be healthy. But the quantity of such food to be consumed is still uncertain. Only a protein-rich diet food cannot be consumed several times a day, whereas one cannot live entirely on fruits whole day. What has to be taken in how much quantity is still an ambiguous area. Proponents believe that humans today do not really have the ability many processed food items (example gluten), yet we keep consuming such foods and the result is quite unpleasant. This leads to health problems like constipation, diarrhea, mouth ulcers, acne, chronic fatigue, weight gain and so on.

Gluten, which now is a part of most of the food items that we consume today, causes most of the health problems that we face today. Hence, logically, it would be much better if hums adopt Palaeolithic diet. However, the raw food and unprocessed taste would not be easy to get down the throat due to its blandness.

Opponents say that the life expectancy of our ancestors was a lot less than today’s world. Although it might be true, it also has to be considered that many other factors, other than food, decides the age of your life. Those ancestors did not have access to modern medical treatment and medicines, which increase our lives substantially. They had to survive in whatever environment they were in, without having access to air conditioning or heaters. Vehicles were unheard of and hard manual labor was more.

Although it is not easy to add taste to the Paleolithic diet, you will find several recipes online that will indeed turn this bland diet into a delicious one. People today wonder whether this diet is healthy or not, is it safe, and worse, what is Paleolithic diet. However, there is no harm in consuming such diet. This natural food along will modern medication has the potential to increase the life expectancy much more than what it is today.

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