What is Gorilla Glass?

Gorilla glass is a hard glass that is unshatterable, unbreakable, and often used as a shield in mobile phone, laptop display, PDA’s and so on. This glass can be as thin as 0.5 mm and can also be found in the thickness of 2 mm. However, its strength and resistance remains the same in all kinds of thickness.

Although it is so hard, the quality of the glass is superior than the other kinds of glass commonly found. It is pristine and it has a high quality. This is the reason why it is used in most devices. Besides, it complies with Restrictions of Hazardous Substance Directive.

When gorilla glass is used in any device like the display of a mobile, the user need not worry about scratches or the resistance of the glass, even if he doesn’t know how to operate a touch screen device. It is so strong that it can also resist the hardest blow a mobile can get. Okay, that doesn’t include hitting the glass with a hamer. This means it is strong, and much harder than normal glasses ever were. It is also a low maintenance glass. It can be cleaned without any fuss as it is water resistant.

Gorilla glass is manufactured by a company known as Corning. This kind of glass is used in over 300 devices, which includes iPhone, Galaxy Tab, Droid, LG Mobile PC devices, Japanese phones, Rugged Tablet PC by Motion, and many others.

Corning has announced that it is coming up with a high-definition LCD TV with Gorilla glass that will redefine the world of television. However, this glass is a bit more expensive than the normal glass used for touch screen mobiles. However, the value and the extraordinary features outshines the cost of Gorilla Glass.

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