What are Nudist Colony

Nudist colony are places where people spend time doing various activities and adventures without wearing any piece of cloth on their bodies. These places have now become remarkable alternatives to the mundane vacation spots that people visit.

Nudist colony could be anything like a park or a beach or simply a nudist resort. It refers to any place where people mutually and willingly decide to enter nude. Many refer to this term as nudist community as well. There is however no difference between the two terms. In both the cases, a group of people decide to give up wearing clothes and enjoy without being hesitant to expose their intimate parts of the body.

There are several parks, resorts and camps made specifically for this purpose. They cater to people on nude vacation and day visitors. However, you will hardly find any people here who have given up clothing and decided to live their lives without clothes. Though there are such naturalists in the world, you will not find them in nudist parks or nudist cruises. These places are often visited by first-timers or people who want to get out of their daily routine of wearing clothes.

As believed by many, being a part of nude colony is not an act of vulgarity or adultery, but a way to become one with the nature. Common activities they indulge in include swimming, scuba diving, playing outdoor games, and so on.

There are several nudist beaches, nudist resorts and nudist hot water baths in the world. These places can also be termed as nudist colony, as the term includes every place that has to do something with nude. Some of these places can be entered only by adults. And at some places, where children are allowed, the authorities make arrangement for children protection and security.

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