What is a DECT Phones?

DECT phones or Digital Enhanced Cordless Technology phone is a cordless phone that can be used to talk while roaming around in the house. However, not all cordless phones are DECT phones. The cordless phones that were earlier used had poor sound quality due to inferior connectivity facilities. With the introduction of digital technology, the sound quality of cordless phones have enhanced remarkably, with no difference between the quality of cordless and cabled phones.

The connection of the base station of a DECT phone is located at one place of the house. However, the cordless handset can be taken around anywhere in the house, as far as it remains within the connection area of the base station. One can have more than one handset in the house connected to a single base station. Such phones are great for users who work from home or for people who have a big garden area and want to talk while having a walk in the backyard.

The distance covered by a cordless phone depends on the phone itself. Often, a DECT phone has a range of 300 metres from the base station, which is about 984 feet. However, newer DECT phones have expanded their range, and it can be much more than the traditional cordless range.

If you have more than one DECT phones at home, you can use it to talk to each other like a walkie talkie. However, the battery life of the phone doesn’t depend on the connection but the phone device. The more money you spend, the better device you get. When you talk on the phone, the device uses the battery, and when not in use, it retains battery from the base station.

A DECT phone is better than a cabled phone due to the various features it offers. First, a DECT phone has the advantage of being a wireless phone. Besides, the variety of design you get for a DECT phones would not be available in a cabled phone. Some of the DECT phones have trendy looks. Some come with a look of a mobile phone with flip models and backlit keypads. However, not al DECT phones have good quality. Hence, try to study a few DECT phones reviews before buying one.

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