What is Jagermeister?

Jagermeister is a German beverage and is one of the most popular fruit flavored liqueur available today. Most of the Jagermeister that is produced in Germany is exported by the country due to the ever-increasing demand from other countries. However, before we move in detail about what is Jagermeister, let us first discuss its history and evolution.

Jagermeister History

It is a seventy-proof beverage made up of spices and herbs. However, the exact content or the ingredients of Jagermeister is yet unknown to the rest of the world as it has been kept secret by the producers. It was first made by Mast-Jagermeister AG Company in 1934. Since then, the producer has been continuously manufacturing this liqueur reportedly using a combination of about 56 herbs in specific measurement to give it an alcoholic effect. However, the ultimate outcome is a sweet beverage, which is an ideal drink to have after dinner. It is mainly consumed by hunters in the producer country.

Jagermeister Ingredients

Many people believe that Jagermeister contain elk or deer blood However, it is no more than a rumor or a misconception. It contains only herbs and some spices like anise, saffron, poppy seeds, citrus peel, ginger liquorices, ginseng, and so on. The alcoholic taste becomes more effective when the mixture of herbs is kept in water and alcohol for a few days before soaking it in oak barrels for many months or even years. Later, this mixture is filtered and some flavors are added.

However, it is not only used as liqueur alone. Most people mix it with other liquor or used it in cocktails. For instance, vodka, when mixed with Jagermeister, gives a bit of extra kick and a good taste to your drink. When this liqueur is mixed with iced tea, it makes a great evening drink.

Many people also use Jagermeister to add taste to desserts. One of the best desserts to have with this beverage is a chilled cake cube, with some Jagermeister on the top and fruit toppings. You can also add ice cream to this dish to make it an extremely delicious dessert. You can also make a cooked fruit delicious by chilling it for a while and dipping it in Jagermeister before serving.

Since Jagermeister provides great taste and quality, it has immense demand in the world market. It can be used as a simple ad sweet beverage or as a topping to the dessert or as a mixer with other drinks like alcohol and cocktails. In all cases, it provides a satisfying taste and a real value for money. It can be easily found in any spirit shops or hypermarkets. Once bought, it should be stored at the temperature of under -18 degree Celsius.

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