What is Love Parade?

Love Parade was an annual event, a festival of electronic dance music, which was first held at West Berlin, Germany back in 1989. In the years that followed, this event witnessed massive participation, with participants coming from all over the world. For about 15 years, from 1989 to 2003, Love Parade was held in Berlin. It was then cancelled for a couple of years, and the subsequent years were celebrated in Ruhr, until 2010, when a crowd rushed caused death of 21 participants and left about 500 people injured. Due to this unfortunate event, the organizers have planned not to organize this event in future ever.


The music that featured in the event was mainly trance, techno, schranz and house. People had tried to introduce other forms of music like rap, hip hop and rock in the event. However, these attempts failed, and the participants stuck to only the aforementioned genres.


The crowd that gathered every year in Love Parade was much more than that of most of the music live concerts. Sound systems were placed on every truck that was a part of the parade. It used to generate so loud sound that, during 2001, the Berlin Zoo held this parade responsible for causing diarrhea in most animals.


Most music in the parade consisted of music played in local clubs or live DJ soundtracks. Initially, only trucks that featured sponsors from music-related field were allowed. Later, that rule was omitted and advertising was given more space. The trucks were open, with dancers and large speakers on it.

Rise of the Offensive Event

Until 2008, participants enjoyed forms of music and danced enthusiastically in the event. However, in 2008 Love Parade, many criminal cases like 3 sexual offences, 6 robberies, and 40 thefts occurred. More than a couple of dozens were charge with usage of drugs, while about 50 people were charged with body harm. Over usage of drugs in the event became and norm, and casualties started occurring due to high dosage or passing out.

In Love Parade 2010, more than 1.4 million reached for Love Parade, whereas only 800,000 were expected. Even more than 400,000 police could not stop the crowd rush through the tunnel and the Love Parade stampede killed around 21people and left 500 injured. Consequently, there would be no Love Parade from 2011.

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