What are Irish Twins?

The term Irish Twins refers to two children born to the same mother within the difference of twelve months. However, this term is not usually used in formal or pleasant conversations as it is a bit derogatory in nature. The term was derived when huge Irish population migrated in the UK and the US. These immigrants were usually associated with not-so-pleasant words, and were accused of having no knowledge of birth control measures. Later, it was also believed that Irish produce babies in quick succession. Finally, other people started using the term ‘Irish twins’ because they believed that Irish do not understand the meaning of twins as they considered two children in quick succession as twins. Hence, this word should not be used unless intentionally abusing someone.

However, let us forget the abusive nature of this word for a while and consider other elements associated with it. Having two children in a year has its own set of advantages and drawbacks. These children, since childhood, always have someone to play with, and they start learning from each other. However, taking care of two children can be a bit troublesome for the mother at times. Besides, delivering two children in a year can also be a bit strenuous for the mother. It might attract some physical problems. Besides, it can affect the family economically as well. As the children grow up, the increasing educational fees, pocket money, etc becomes an additional burden on the breadwinner

There are several things parents must consider if they have Irish twins. As mentioned earlier, having sound income is an essential element to improve the quality of upbringing of the children. It can be done through regular saving and investing since the birth of the child. Over years, the corpus will grow and the amount would be useful to raise the children. Second, try to focus on the development of both the children, even if one is elder to the other.

In cases where parents give birth to three children in a period of three years, it is known as Irish Triplets. However, this term too, like Irish twins, is a defamatory term.

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