What is Azure?

Azure is:

  • A color
  • A product by Microsoft

Azure is the name of a color that has a bluish tint. It is, in many cases, used in a map to mark a few region. The abbreviation, b. or az., is used to represent this color. The word Azure is derived from a Persian word of lazhward, which is the name of a location where stones with different shades of blue (especially deep blue, not called Azure) are found. Later, in astrology, Azure stone started gaining importance.

However, Azure is a product by Microsoft. One can use Windows Azure to develop applications and services. It is a cloud service operating system that provides multiple services like development and service hosting. Besides, this platform is not limited to only one language. It can be operated in multiple languages, and it goes well with your current environment. Apart from using Microsoft Visual Studio, it can also be used with other standards like Java, REST, SOAP, PHP, etc.

Some of the main benefits of using Windows Azure are as follows:
  • This system can be used to do things quickly, and thereby reduce the overall cost of operation. The developer of this application claims that it can save businesses up to 40 percent cost spent on this task, if used for over 3 years.

Due to its usability in various languages and platforms, it can be easily used by the user.

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