What are the Signs of Pregnancy Implantation?

Getting married is half the pleasure. The other half is having children and being a part of happy family. Hence, most couples plan to have children within a few years of marriage. However, many are unaware about the signs that indicate the pregnancy implantation process.

Usually, pregnancy implantation happens during the 4th week after pregnancy, which means only 5 days past conception. During this period, the embryo enters into the uterus of the women. However, this process has a number of side effects, which might be signs enough to recognize that the implantation process has been started. The most common ones among the might sign of pregnancy implantation is the feeling of nausea. It is also referred to as morning sickness many times.

The severity of morning sickness varies from person to person. For some it might be very severe, for others there might not be any such symptom. However, a majority of females gets this feeling after implantation for a few weeks. Sometimes, it might last longer, which is not a reason to worry.

Another symptom is implantation bleeding or implantation spotting. The pregnant female might find drops of brown fluid. It might sometimes also look very similar to the fluid discharged during menstrual period. However, it is much less in quantity. One can start noticing such discharge after about a week from ovulation, and it might last for a few weeks.

However, for some women, the amount of implantation spotting would be really less, and therefore unnoticeable. But during the time of discharge the temperature of the women might fall and rise suddenly.

However, the problem is that these symptoms might have caused due to some other reason, and it would be mistaken as signs of pregnancy implantation. Hence, if any such things take place, it is advisable to visit a gynecologist and seek further guidance.

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