What is Liquid Diet?

Liquid diet is a form of diet designed specifically to lose weight. People wonder what is liquid diet; however, as the name suggests, it is simply intake of liquids (partial or total). By having a liquid diet, you reduce the intake of calories, and eventually, reduce weight.

However, the intake of calories depends on what kind of liquid diet you have. In some cases, people consume only liquid, which includes juices, milk shakes, energy drinks and so on. However, in other cases, it also includes a light meal or two. Such diet can be do-it-yourself or under the supervision of a dietician. It is suggested that you consult a diet when you are doing it for the first time. It will also give you a precise idea on what is liquid diet.

Another thing that people wonder is whether or not such diets bring results. The answer is ‘it depends’. When you consume less calories by having only liquid, you burn more calories that you actually get, so you are bound to lose weight. However, once you get back to your regular old eating habit, you gain weight again quickly.

And practically, it is really tough to have a liquid diet for a long time. So, whenever you get back to your normal diet, putting on is inevitable. The best option, in such cases, is having a combination of light meals and liquids, which is very much realistic for long term.

Many claim that liquid diet detoxifies the human body by cleansing the entire system. However, there is no concrete evidence to prove this argument. Human body is very complex, which has its own detoxifying equipments like liver and sweat.

Ideally, such diets should be under the supervision of an expert, especially when you not fully aware about what is liquid diet. This is because our body needs necessary nutrition to carry out day to day activities, which may or may not be in the liquid diet prepared by you. Hence, a dietician would be a perfect person to guide you through the initial stages. Once you are aware about the idea, you can get going on your own.


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