What Religion is Duggar Family?

Most people in the country have only one question in their minds, ‘What religion is Duggar family?’ However, before answering the question, let us talk a bit about who Duggars are, and why they have gained so much attention in the recent past.

The Duggar couple, Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar, first appeared on the reality television show that was aired on TLC network. The thing that attracts more attention about the family is they have 19 children (nine girls and ten boys).

What religion is Duggar family?

The Duggar family are conservative Baptists by religion. This is the only reason why they watch very little TV. The internet usage in their house is also very restricted. Moreover, the boys in the Duggar family are not allowed to have long hair. The Duggar family encourages their children to not to have a date, but rather have courtships, wherein a young individual seeks permission from the girl’s father to get engaged with her. Physical relations too are forbidden before marriage, and most meeting of the couple usually includes a chaperone.


Now one of the things that might bother you after reading the above information is how do they manage to take care of 19 children. However, has a very smart way to deal with it. Usually the older sibling is assigned the responsibility of the younger sibling. This is known as the buddy system, in which they the kids learn to accept responsibilities.

The family, although a huge one, doesn’t have any debt. They earn income from the commercial properties they own in Arkansas. Jim Bob was a politician a few years ago and has served, from 1999 to 2002, in the Arkansas House of Representatives.

There is a general eagerness among people about what religion is Duggar family, due to their living style. However, not many realise that such beliefs are imbibed in every religion. The Duggars are just believers and most of us are not.

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