Genetically Modified Foods

Genetically modified foods have been in the news lately, not for the right reasons every time. Many European organizations had protested against the use of genetically modified foods due to the harmful effects it might have on consumers.

However, before we discuss more about the protests and updates, let us first discuss what genetically modified foods are. These are foods that are grown for the consumption of animals and humans using molecular bio-technology. Although the real food products or crops do not have any deficiency, the plants are modified genetically in the labs to make them more herbicide resistant and nutrient rich.

There are several advantages of genetically modifying the crops. Here are some of them:
  • Pest Resistant
    In the past, farmers had to bear losses if the crops are infected by pest and other bacteria. However, such losses can now be limited by growing genetically modified foods. These crops have more resistance to pests and are less likely to stand strong. Besides, the earlier crops were treated with insecticides and pesticides, which most humans would not prefer eating.
  • Cold tolerance
    Changes is weather can impact the produce significantly. Sudden cold weather or hot climate can reduce the nutritional content or resistance power of the crop, thus ruining the produce. However, if such plants are treated with antifreeze gene, it can stand strong against very cold weather as well. This leads to increased production and reduced losses.
  • Improved Nutrition
    Nutrition can be obtained from having a non-vegetarian diet. However, for vegetarians, the only source of nutrition is farm produce. Contents of vitamins, proteins and carbohydrates can be genetically enhanced in such crops.
However, there are few disadvantages of having genetically modified foods as well:
  • Reduced impact of pesticides
    Many crops that genetically enriched with nutrients does not get treated by pesticides. Hence they are prone to be infected by pesticides.
  • Health Hazardous at times
    If these crops are not genetically modified properly, it can cause harm to the consumers. Besides, it can affect the species of crops as well.

Though science has its own advantages, the set of disadvantages it brings along cannot be ignored.

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