How to Choose the Correct Wall Art for Your New Apartment

There is nothing as refreshing as a perfect wall art for your space. Proper artwork defines who you are. Good artwork, when well-placed, blends in really well and creates character.

According to, there are several key elements which are useful in choosing the right wall art. For instance, wall art comes is an array of sizes from the very big, too large, medium and small. Together with your personal style, as well as room size, and color determines the kind of artwork you install.

Here is how to choose the correct wall art for each of the following spaces in your home.


The Kitchen

It is one of the most commonly used rooms in your home. Artwork for this space should consider both the wall space as well as kitchen accessories. Basically, a kitchen’s walls are smaller in size, but there are cabinets and shelves in there as well.

The countertops, the shelves, and the wall above them are the right places onto which you can install your artwork. Because of the size of the walls, you need to incorporate the small-sized artworks for this room. It allows the art to wholly blend in, instead of overwhelming the space.

Living Room

The living room is the center of life and fun. Any artwork placed here should exude and reflect what any living room stands for. Basically, the kind of art you choose needs to be lively, and one that brings forth some level of excitement and conversation.

Normally, the walls of most living rooms are large; so you can go for larger pieces of wall art. Still, the most important thing here is to follow your intuition in choosing the right art; one that best reflects your personality, and speaks volumes to others about you.



Most people tend to overlook this part of their home. Yet the right artwork can work magic and produce all the positive vibes. However, it also depends on the type of bathroom you are working on. For instance, a powder room can work well with pieces that are both bright and fun.

On the other hand, a master bathroom requires pieces that are calmer, and soothing. The most suitable places to hang this artwork is above the toilet, or right above the bathtub. You can also hang your artwork over the towel hooks



ArtFrill states that the kind of artwork that comes into this area of your home should evoke both calm and relaxation. You can opt to place your piece on the wall in place of, or slightly above the headboard, or the wall space which is opposite the bed.

The bedroom is also a perfect place for large pieces of artwork, and they should be hanged at eye level to evoke all the desired vibes. The colors and tones should be soothing. For example, most people find landscape photography works really well.


There are a number of factors which greatly influence the correct way of choosing and installing wall art. From size to style and color; once you have mastered what should go where you can achieve the style and character that reflects your space.

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