Is Online Casino Legal in New Zealand?

Kiwis are avid gamblers. They take part in all forms of gambling, ranging from racing horses to participating in both land-based and online casino games. In 2016, the New Zealand Department of Internal affairs noted that the average amount spent on gambling per year per person is a little above NZD600. This is a significant chunk, especially when you consider the fact that the country has just a little below 7 million people. In total, the country spends 2 billion New Zealand dollars on gambling, with casinos accounting for 26% of that amount. Pokies take up the biggest chunk at 35% while sports betting comes in at 18%.

New Zealand online casinoOnline Gambling Regulation

The NZ Department of Internal Affairs is responsible for giving directives on all forms of gambling within the country. In 2003, it established the Gambling Commission, whose work is to regulate the industry and provide licensing to casinos. The commission allows players to take part in regular gambling activities as long as they are of age. To participate in land-based casino games, players need to be 20 or older. However, if taking part in sports betting, then the age is capped at 18. Statistics show that a large chuck of the 80% Kiwis that gamble pay strict adherence to these directives.

NZ Department of Internal Affairs

Stance on online casino gambling

The GA strictly prohibits New Zealand residents from gambling in online casinos located inside the country. Apart from that, they are also expressly prohibited from online bookmaking. There are legal consequences to be expected if these laws are breached, and the commission is very vigilant when it comes to this type of practice. The authorities also expressly forbid overseas online casinos from advertising their services inside the country. This means broadcasters don’t generally take up advertising contracts for these types of establishments. However, it’s perfectly legal for foreign websites such as well known to advertise online casinos to New Zealand gamblers.

Silver lining

The fact that NZ players cannot participate in online casino games located within their country doesn’t mean that they cannot gamble at all. If you are a New Zealand resident of age, you are always allowed to check out online casinos located outside the country. No law prohibits online gaming outside the country, and most overseas casinos welcome NZ participants freely, without any sort of restriction in place. All you have to do is identify a site that has all the games and features you feel comfortable and then roll your dice. Since you are hardly likely to find these places advertised in your local broadcast media or online, you have to search deep at the international level to find something that works for you-and there are plenty of online casinos that fit whatever mold you fashion. One of the most famous and trusted websites for this is They have actually gathered a long list of online casinos offering no deposit free spins so that you can try out all your favorite pokies for free, without having to risk any of your own hard earned cash. If you are lucky, you may even find yourself riding incentives that help you become part of the international gambling community quite fast.

It is perfectly legal for any NZ player to deposit and withdraw money from overseas online casinos. As far as taxes are concerned, you are allowed to keep 100% of the money you win! Most of these casinos also accept deposits and withdrawals in the New Zealand Dollar, so all bases are pretty well covered.


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