What Are The Benefits Of Pine Pollen?

health benefits of pine pollen

Traditional Chinese medicine practitioners have known about the efficacy of pine pollen, both as a herb and food additive, for centuries now. Over the last few decades, this knowledge has moved into the mainstream, and the herb is now a staple for those looking for an all-natural regimen that promises its own set of positive properties to the general wellbeing of the user and the health benefits are quite clear. If you have just discovered this product and are looking to read up on what it can do for you, then let’s get into it;

It Is A Natural Source of Testosterone

Stephne Harrod Buhner, in his book the Natural Testosterone Plan, discusses the effect this powder has on sexual health. People who take the product have testified to an uptick in sexual prowess and libido flow. While this application has not been adopted mainstream in a big way, Harrods’s book is one of the research projects out there bringing light to this use case. The writer goes on to indicate that if used properly, pine pollen can delay the onset of andropause, which is the male version of menopause.

Helps With Swelling And Pain

WebMd postulates that the pine spore contains active chemicals that help reduce inflammation. This means it can be used in a variety of situations-from healing bee stings and relieving pressure and pain associated with relatively light blunt force trauma. Pollen has also been documented to be effective against bacteria and fungi, but its effects are quite mild in that scenario.

It Is An Anti-Aging Agent

Our present-day existence is curtailed by the rigors of the environment we exist in. For example, natural radicals from elements such as the sun are known to cause wrinkling of skin and premature aging, and continued exposure only makes things worse. Pine pollen contains powerful compounds that work in some sort of ’stealth mode’ to block the effect of factors that lead to aging in individuals. Various studies have been conducted with a focus on this specific aspect, and the results have been quite impressive.

Pine Pollen Helps Fight Arthritis

In a study, pollen extract was orally administered to arthritis-induced mice consistently for 21 days. At the end of the test period, the results indicated that the disease was suppressed for as long as pollen extract was applied. When the researchers continued the administrations up to 49 days, the serum levels of the rheumatoid factor were significantly reduced. The outcome here has convinced members of the medical community that the same approach could work for human arthritis patients.

In addition to the benefits put down above, pine pollen has scores of other benefits. It is considered an anti-oxidant, with compounds that work toward making sure that freely floating radicals are kept at bay or even neutralized. It is also a strong protector of our skin tissues against the elements. It works towards making our skin tissues soft, smooth, supple and aerated.

Plenty is still unknown about pine pollen, but the good news is that the herb seems to be getting attention from the right places, so more research is not far off.

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