What is Gestalt Therapy?

Gestalt therapy is a psychotherapy, wherein patients are taught to become more aware about various aspects of their mind and body like feeling, perceiving, doing, etc. It helps the patient to understands new feelings through awareness, which the patient did not experience before due to preexisting conceptions and attitudes.

This, in a way, is learning consciousness. Instead of simply taking things for granted, and doing the routine job, gestalt therapy helps people to do same things but with a new experience, new feelings, and new perspective. It emphasizes on focusing on the very present moment, rather than being a victim of subconsciously mind-talking or repetitive thinking while doing anything.

Most therapies are used to cure psychological problems faced by people. Although being unaware of the present moment might be considered as a psychological inability or problem, it is perceived to be normal in our society because mass do it. However, being extremely aware or conscious of the moment provides fulfillment, satisfaction, mental growth, and creativity, but not being aware doesn’t.

There are several methods of conducting gestalt therapy. One of the most common ones is the three-step process, wherein the patient is first asked to ignore all prejudice and predefined differences, assumptions, etc. Second step involves actually describing things instead of assuming that you know about it. And lastly, treating all things as equal. However, this is just an overview of this method. There are several methods, steps, and sub-steps involved in any gestalt therapy process.

Although, as of now, not many know about Gestalt therapy, it is steadily gaining attention. There are several experts who provide therapies in this area. Besides, there is a plethora of article on the Internet about gestalt therapy, steps of gestalt therapy, etc.

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