What is Abominable Snowman?

Earlier known as the abominable snowman, and now as Yeti, is reported to be a giant snowman, similar to American claims of Bigfoot. He is believed to be abnormally large, leaving behind strange signs like footprints and rare pictures, but his existence is yet skeptical.

Yeti, as claimed by an American television crew, supposedly lives near the Himalayas. Josh Gates, who anchors a TV series known as Destination Truth, claims that he had seen 3 footprints near Himalayas, including one that was about 13 inches long. Although he was not very sure about the authenticity of the footprints, he was confident that the footprints were very similar to those of Yeti found many years ago.

Possible Explanation

If Abominable Snowman would have been a reality, he would have been noticed on satellite cameras or aerial videos. However, such things never happened.

Besides, the footprints were noticed on snow, which, by nature, is very unstable. A minor snow storm or a snowball can cause several shapes to form on the surface, some of which might look similar to a giant footstep. Also, normal footprints of a bear or any other animal could become giant footsteps the edges melt away due to sunlight.

However, Gates claims that the track was found on soil near a river, which is of similarly unpredictable nature. The soil that is found near rivers is very soft, and it is extremely difficult to identify footprints of even known animals.

Another reason why Gates claims seem shaky is that there were only about 3 or 4 footprints. This means Yeti or the abominable snowman was dropped from a helicopter, was allowed to walk a couple of steps, and was then picked up by the copter again.

Besides, the people who climb Mount Evert time and again found no such traces of any giant animals ever. If Yeti was such a giant animal, he would have seen from a distance, or at least his footprints would haven visible to more than a handful of people.

Although there are no evidences to support this belief, there are no concrete explanations for the appearance or photographs of the large footprints either. Hence, as of now, the existence of such a creature remains to be a mystery.

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