What is Nyotaimori?

Nyotaimori, also known as ‘Body Sushi’, is a type of sushi or sashimi that is served on the body of a women, typically naked women body. This kind of serving is rarely found in some parts of the world. This is an obscure Japanese practice, which had attracted immense media attention when it was first introduced.

If you are guest at any of the restaurants that serves Nyotaimori, the fun of savoring from a naked body is simply incredible. However, the women that lies down on the table, without moving is trained for several hours every day to finally be ready to be served upon. She must be able to lie there till the guess eats all the food served on her body. Ideally, she is supposed to have a bath with non-fragrance soap, and later a bath with cold water to cool off the body. However, in many parts of the world, it is essential to have a layer of plastic or other transparent sheet between the body and the food.

Many people, including the ones who participate and the one who eats, refer Nyotaimori as an art. However, many feminists are against such art, and firmly believe it should not be a part of any tradition. Some are against it due to improper use of women’s body, while some countries like China are against it due to hygiene issues. However, the tradition is still existent, and will continue to be an art in some parts of the world.

The experience of eating food on a living body is as interesting as it sounds. However, not every traveler can afford to experience Nyotaimori, as a simple Nyotaimori, which includes sushi, sake, and champagne would cost at least about $80. The cost is on the upside with any addition in the meal.

There have been several reference to Nyotaimori in movies books, TV series and shows in the last few years. In Sex and the City, Samantha cover her body with sushi as a Valentine’s gift. Also, in the movie The Rising Sun, Eddie Sakamura experience Nyotaimori. And there are several such instances of body sushi being shown on the big screen.

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