What is Petroleum Jelly?

Petroleum Jelly, also known as soft paraffin, petrolatum, and white petrolatum, is a mixture of hydrocarbons, generally semi-solid like any cream, which is used by many as an ointment because of the healing property of the ointment. One of the famous brands that sell this ointment is Vaseline. Although it was once considered to an ointment for all ailments, modern scientists have limited its usefulness for skin-related diseases. It contributes a major part of the skin care products today. This mixture can be availed at any medical store, as it an over the counter skin protection ointment, as approved by Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

Petroleum jelly is usually colorless. However, when it is in unfiltered form, it has a pale yellow color. This soft paraffin is inflammable only when it is in liquid form, which can be achieved by heating it at 75 degrees. So, now that we know what is white petrolatum or petroleum jelly, let us discuss some of its uses.

Petroleum jelly is applied on skin during cold weather. However, apart from just skin care, it is also considered to a popular lubricant. As it is absorbed by the skin, the outer surface becomes greasy, avoiding the skin from drying. Many sportsmen use it to apply under their eyes, in order to keep the area clean from dust. Industrial petrolatum, when mixed with other chemicals, makes a remarkable anti-rust compound.  In case of chapped lips, white petrolatum must be applied. Hard leather can be softened by applying petroleum jelly. It is used in various other things like finishing wood, releasing agent for plaster, moisturizing the skin and so on.

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