What is Unrequited Love?

Not knowing what is unrequited love doesn’t mean you would not have been a victim of it. Unrequited love is having strong feeling for a person, but the same feeling is not reciprocated. You may have seen many movies, television series, and books on the same theme, as it is one of the most common topics today, and is very common among individuals these days.

In such cases, most of the times, the person for whom you have feelings don’t even know about it. However, when the person knows about your feelings and is not able to reciprocate it, problem arises. Many great friendships have been ruined and many more will be ruined due to his unrequited love.

Unrequited love is not only common in colleges and high schools but work places and residence apartments as well. If this happens at the workplace, many people find it easier to switch jobs than dealing with the matter. However, dealing with it is the best way to get over it. Here is a short guide on how you can go about with unrequited love.

  • Know that there are differences of opinion and choice. If he cannot have similar feelings for you, accept it and move on. Believing that one day eventually he will come back will make situations worse.
  • Try to understand why she cannot reciprocate the same feelings for you. Now that it will help in this case, but it will help you to avoid the same mistake in future.
  • If someone cannot love you don’t mean that you have to ill treat people who love you. It will only make you a bitter and unhappy individual. If someone is going through what you have been through, it is a good opportunity to make the person understand and help him get out of the situation.
  • Try to engage yourself in other activities. Meet people, do something useful, learn something new, socialize, and so on. Don’t spend time thinking about your unrequited love.
  • Try to look forward instead of backward. See what is there in store for you and exploit the opportunity rather than looking back.
  • Do not demean your qualities or self-respect only because one person doesn’t love you. Focus on your good qualities and remind yourself about them constantly. Consciously look at the brighter side of life.
  • If the same thing happens to you again, try to remember that you have done it before, and you can do it again; it is all in the head.

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