What is Verbal Bullying?

Verbal bullying is using harsh words or comments to tease, taunt, or insult the victim. Such bullying can happen with anyone, males or females, children or adults, and at any place including home, schools, colleges, or workplaces.

The bully purposely tries to harm the victim verbally, either by insulting in public or in person. There are several kinds of bullies. Now that we know what is verbal bullying, let us have a look at the kinds of bullies one can commonly find.

Some bullies have extremely high self-confidence, which makes him believe that he is on top of the world. Hence, he insults everyone in general, and few people in particular, whom he dislikes. Another kind of bully may have low self-esteem, and tries to improve his status in front of others by verbal bullying.

There are several people who involving in bullying involuntarily. These people are known as impulsive bullies. They react to their impulsiveness, and often are victim of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD).

Everyone can be a victim of bullying, but there are some kinds of people who are more prone to such bullying.

First kind of such victims of bullying are the people who very low self esteem and lack of self-defensiveness. They are very easy victims of the bullies. Many a times, people from different background are also victimized due to their difference in language, culture and religion. People with certain physical disorders like obese or too thin are common victims.

One of the best ways to reduce this bully is to fight back, not by responding similarly, but by addressing the issue to the others like teachers and parents. In case of workplace bullying, one can approach and discuss the issue with bullies. However, if they don’t seem to understand, feel free to escalate the issue to the management.

School bullying is commonly found in schools today. In order to deal with such situations, kids can do several things like:
  • Stay in a group. Bullies usually pick up on victims who are alone.
  • Simply ignore the comments and move on. Don’t react. This will discourage the bullies.
  • When you respond to a bully, remember to respond firmly, having strong eye to eye contact.
  • Let them know that you aren’t afraid of them at all.

If these things don’t help, asking your parents for help may seem to be good idea. Dealing with bullies can sometimes be tough. If parents too are unable to resolve the issue, teachers or even police may be contacted. Remember, bullying causes mental stress among children, which can lead to several negative actions like resorting to drugs or ending lives. Save them before it’s late.

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