What is Evaporated Milk?

As the name suggests, evaporated milk is milk from which the water has been evaporated. It is a canned milk product, with takes lesser space to store, and is comparatively high in nutritional value as about 60 percent of the water is removed from fresh milk. The taste of this milk is quite different from the condensed milk, as the latter contains sugar as sweetener. However, in case of the former, nothing is added.

Evaporated milk is usually stored in a sealed can and is usually thicker than the fresh milk. However, many people prefer buying evaporated milk as it can be stored for a longer time, and it doesn’t need refrigeration until the can is opened.

Such kind of milk is produced by heating fresh milk under high temperature. The water content for this fresh milk eventually evaporates, leaving behind a nutritional thick solution, known as evaporated milk. This milk can be eaten in the form it comes, or it can be used as regular milk by adding equal amount of water to it. You also get evaporated milk that is low in calorie and fat content. There are several uses of evaporated milk.

Evaporating milk was a common process about 100 years ago. However, with time, when people stared used liquid milk for various purposes, people reduced the evaporation process. Although no sugar is added to the material derived after evaporating water from the milk, in many countries, people prefer mixing sugar with evaporated milk and eat it. Therefore, in many countries, you will find evaporated milk with added flavors or sugar in packaged cans.

There are several recopies in which you can use either of the two types of milk. However, in certain recopies like quick fudge, you will have to use condensed milk. On the other hand, evaporated milk would be used in making pumpkin pie. Many people also prefer to eat evaporated milk as sauce, which they apply on breads or toasts or burgers. Some people also enjoy mixing it with tea or coffee. Many users report that evaporated milk has a metallic taste if stored for some days. However, this is the best option if you don’t have access to a refrigerator. It can be stored for many days without refrigeration. However, once the can is opened, you will either have to use it all, or store the remaining in a refrigerator.

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