What are Dark Chocolate’s Health Benefits?

Dark Chocolate as an Antioxidant

Since Dark Chocolate is manufactured from parts of various plants, it is sure to have some health benefits. One of the most important elements of dark chocolate is flavonoids, which works as antioxidants in the body. Antioxidants prevent the body from ageing quickly, and help to maintain blood pressure.  Many consider strawberry to be a good source of antioxidants, and it really is. Interestingly, dark chocolate contains about eight times the amount of antioxidants present in strawberries.

Dark Chocolate’s Health Benefits for Heart

If an individual consumes a small bar of dark chocolate every day, it will have enormous benefits for the heart and cardiovascular system. First, dark chocolate can help reduce the blood pressure in people who face the problem of high blood pressure. Second, it can reduce the LDL cholesterol level in the human body by as much as 15 percent. LDL cholesterol is considered to be a bad type of cholesterol.

A Rich Source of Minerals

Since plants are always rich in minerals, dark chocolate too contains many minerals. Some of these minerals are potassium, calcium, iron, copper, and magnesium. Dark chocolate can provide regular supply of essential minerals, if consumed daily.

Improves Mood and Provides Pleasure

Apart from the dark chocolate’s health benefits, it is also known to elevate the mood and provide pleasure to humans. This is because of Theobromine, Phenylethlamine and Caffeine. These compounds are great stimulants, and it helps in stimulating the production of endorphin, which provides pleasure to humans.

However, as most people argue, consuming dark chocolate can be fattening. But if one cuts back on consumption of calories on some other food products, the health benefits are enormous. Besides, the pleasure of eating dark chocolate every morning is a delightful experience. In fact, some professional tasters have developed a systematic process of eating dark chocolate for deriving maximum pleasure.

If you are looking for dark chocolate’s health benefits, avoid buying chocolates with nougats, caramel or other fillings. These elements only add sugar and reduce the health benefits. Prefer dark chocolate with orange peels, nuts, etc.


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